One Punggol

Heart of Punggol

Comprising a Community Club, Regional Library, HDB Branch, Hawker Centre, Department of Child Development, Blood Collection Centre, Kidney Dialysis Centre and Senior Care Centre among other facilities, One Punggol is an integrated resident-centric community hub for the new Punggol district. Located at Punggol Central in adjacency to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and bus stations, neighbouring residential blocks, the retail development, Waterway Point and Punggol Waterway Park, the community hub is poised to add vibrancy to the new town while elevating its sense of community.

This intent is iterated in its design concept and realised through intuitive programming of spaces and pedestrian flow; which in turn, drew inspiration from its site history. In the early days, Punggol was a village where the “kampung spirit” – sense of community and culture of togetherness – pervaded. Today, as a vibrant new town with a young and urbane population, One Punggol blends the nostalgic notes of the kampung with its modern vision; bringing people together to the new ‘Heart of Punggol’ and promoting social cohesion across generations.

One of the key design features of One Punggol is its central atrium, which connects all storeys and stakeholders. This main atrium not only serves as a thoroughfare that can be accessed from all parts of the development through its open planning on the ground level, but it also draws footfall towards the centre as the new Punggol Agora. Where the freedom of movement is imperative for meet-ups, interactions and chance meetings for the community, the openness of space appeals across age, social and interest groups. The combined effect of being able to route to their respective destinations within One Punggol without being detached from the atrium space – the genius loci of the development – is key to cultivating a dynamic and all-inclusive Punggol community and spirit.

1 Punggol Drive
Category Sports, Community & Recreation
Year 2022
Size 45,100 sqm
The proposed Punggol Town Hub blends the nostalgia of the past with the modern vision of Punggol, bringing people together to the new ‘Heart of Punggol’.

The architecture language of One Punggol is modern, clean and cheerful. The planning surrounds the central atrium and allows all stakeholders and facilities to be closely knitted. Two sets of public lifts and escalators within the central atrium allow all the movement and activities to be visible. The building massing is expressed as an interlocking four-storey curve with a six-storey rectangular box that addresses the site profile and program requirement. Landscape greenery complements the architecture as a soft contrast to the white and orange colour façade cladding. The proposed Punggol Town Hub blends the nostalgia of the past with the futurist vision of Punggol, bringing people together to the new ‘Heart of Punggol’.